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Finally got to the end of this meme!
It's only taken me 5+ months to post 30 items... 

This is the flower on one of my most recently bought cacti.
I've been growing them off-and-on since I was in my teens, but I've never had a bicolour flower (or a deep red one) until now. 

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 It's been a while since I posted.  Meme time again!

99 questions )
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Adventures in Container Gardening

This spring, I've been helping my apartment-dwelling sister create a functional garden on her deck.  She'd found some over-the-railing deck planters and was hoping to use them (along with an assortment of smaller pots) to grow veggies, herbs, and flowers.

Last night, as she was preparing to buy more of the planters, I noticed the fine print on a sticker:

Not for food use.

Who the hell buys a planter meant for a small garden and grows only ornamental plants?

This means my sister will have to move all of her existing plants: strawberries, lettuce, thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, and peppers.  She's also ready to plant bush cucumbers, lavender, and other herbs and is scrambling to find food-safe pots at an affordable price.
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Further adventures in gluten-free eating.

• beef stroganoff, made from scratch with no recipe

• wraps with baked chicken, brie, and cranberries
  I need to add tart apples to this one next time, but was too lazy to slice one.

• chicken curry pizza with smoked mozzarella and cheddar cheeses

curry pizza
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My parents have been cleaning my sister's college possessions out of the house.  She moved away 15 years ago and left behind all of her things from university.

Among the items I have appropriated:

• 120 Prismacolor pencils

• complete set of sculpting tools

• an awesome pair of embroidery scissors
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five things about me:

• I've been an Earth-person since birth

• love the colour green

• go barefoot whenever possible

• dislike washing dishes

• have an inexplicable fondness for poppy-patterned articles of clothing
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Scene from our house at 2am:

I stepped outside to tuck in the lettuce plants, whose cover had blown off.
      *noticed how warm it was outside*
      *also noticed a certain noise*

Me (to Stormy): Step outside and tell me if you hear what I hear...

[ profile] stormsongk stepped outside and closed the door.
Broke into a huge grin and started jumping up and down.
Came back indoors - still bouncing and giggling - saying, "PEEPERS!  PEEPERS!  PEEPERS!"

Yes, folks, the spring peepers have arrived.
Let the rejoicing begin!

spring peeper! 
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Life was quiet this weekend.
We got some snow on Monday morning, so I stayed in bed, working on my needlepoint.  The sunlight helped tell the difference between two colours of cream on the pattern.
Hobbes insisted that he was being neglected.

 But, Mama, pay attention to meeee!

Both cats were surprised to see the snow outside.

Spring is around the corner, however.
The first hellebore has finally started to bloom.

first bloom of 2012
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heart on the line

Happy Valentine's Day, my dearies.

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This weekend, I was feeling unusually good about myself, so I asked [ profile] stormsongk to take a photo.

me, 11 Feb 2012
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We had a very quiet, uneventful weekend. 
The weather was cold and we got a little snow (which melted by the end of the day).  I think Mother Nature delivers these little dustings to remind us that there is beauty even in the dead of winter.

snow on agave

I holed up in my room and worked on my needlepoint (while under the blankets!).  Hobbes joined me quite a bit of the time; two chilled creatures sharing the warmth and watching the wind outside.

Hobbes and me

By Sunday evening, I had finished the background of the piece, after four weeks of stitching.
I'm a bit in love with this design. 
Stormy and I have been giggling like 8-year-olds for the past few days.  I've been stitching the background from right to left ('cause my brain is wired strangely) and when telling him where I was in stitching the design, I'd say "Unicorn bum!" in a silly Potter Puppet Pals voice.  It's helped me keep my sense of humour when the intricacy of the pattern was getting to me.
accomplished and smug

detail of the background

Last night, I filled in the last four flowers and completed the thin blue border around the piece.  It's looking much more "finished", even in this state of completion.  Next stop: spotted unicorn!
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I've been working steadily of the Needlepoint Pattern of Doom (a.k.a. Candace Bahouth's Medieval Unicorn).  Several hours a night. 
Once I got my head around the design, it's been easy.

At the moment, I'm filling in the ground-colour and find I'm rather in love with the white tracery where the leaves and branches will go.
I will be quite sad when I have to fill them in with colour.

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Yesterday, I had a wonderful day with [ profile] enemyfrigate.
She took me to an evil yarn shop where we looked at patterns, charts, and colours and dreamt of the things we could make...socks, jumpers, wraps, afghans... 
We only need to learn how to knit...

 KNIT ALL THE THINGS! the coolest socks are made of this

We devoured perfect fish & chips.

perfection on a plate

We poked our noses into all sorts of shops, complained about the cold wind and lack of access to the beach, and had a relaxing time just chatting about timetable or place to be.

Also, this weekend, I began a needlepoint pattern.
The pattern was originally created as a pillow-cover, 10 stitches to the inch, stitched in wools.  I don't have access to similar supplies, so I'm attempting to stitch the design in cotton floss on 18-count canvas.
Within hours, I was conviced that I was losing my mind for even attempting this...

the borders of insanity
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[ profile] stormsongk and I had a most glorious feast for our Saturday breakfast - eggs with thyme, turkey sausages, and cheesy hashbrowns.

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A meme I couldn't resist...naughtiness with books!

Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"He took her by the waist sae neat and sae sma,
and threw her atween him and the wa."

- English and Scottish Popular Ballads
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Still working around the house.
Things accomplished this weekend:

• took down cracked, ancient roller-shade from kitchen window
• removed ugly curtain from kitchen window
• washed south-facing windows to let in more light
• re-potted a young fig tree in hopes that it will finally fruit this year
• folded and sorted 1 box of clothes to send to Goodwill
• threw out old, expired medications

Also watched a flock of Cedar Waxwings descend on our yard and eat everything in sight.
I love those little bandits.  :)

cedar waxwing on pear tree
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Happy New Year, all.

I've been busy the past week or so.  [ profile] stormsongk and I have been trying to clean up the house and be more organised.  I've been attempting to clean for a minimum of 15 minutes a day.  So far, we've cleared off nearly half of the kitchen table, our Hoosier cabinet, and much of the kitchen counter.
On Monday, I finished rearranging the dinnerware.  I'm pretty proud of myself.  What's the point of owning all that gorgeous pottery if it's not in a place where it can be used every day?


Also, I've been sharing the seedlings from our lettuce plants that bolted over the summer.  They're everywhere in our back garden, so I waited until they got large enough to transplant and then shared them with family.  Salads for all!

oak-leaf and 'Red Sails'

While I was home on Monday, I noticed that Maggie and Hobbes have begun snoozing only a few feet apart in the afternoon sunbeams.  Pretty much the only time these two spend time together is at sunrise (they love to sit in the window) or during games of chase-and-pounce.
I ran for the camera at this sweet sight.

peace in the new year
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Went out to supper with dear friends last night to celebrate [ profile] stormsongk's and my 23rd anniversary.
The food was bland, but it was lovely to see everyone.

Today, I'm taking over my friend W's flat so I can cook, hang out with [ profile] enemyfrigate &[ profile] stormsongk, and hopefully watch the new episode of Sherlock.

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