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1: Slept naked?  When it's warm.
2Favourite food?  Chinese.
3Do you like Nutella? Yum.
4: Prefer natural juice or soda? Juice, sometimes a soda
5: Chocolate or vanilla? It depends on the item...
6: Cheese or pepperoni? Cheese, please.
7: Do you like fruit? I do.
8: Do you take any medication? None at the moment.
9: Is there sickness?  I hope not.
10: What was the last time you went to the dentist? Earlier this year.
11Do you know how to dance? A little. 
12: Have you told someone a secret? Yes.
13: What was the last thing you drew? Ginkgo leaves.
14A moment that will never forget? Sinking to the ground after surviving a rip current.  Completely spent.
15Do you play any instruments? Not really.
16A film that made you cry?  Third Star.
17: What would you like to receive as a birthday present?  Bookshelves!
18: What is your favourite flavour of gumSour apple or teaberry.
19: Do you miss something? what?  My sweetie.
20A person who marked your life and went away Susan Rose.
21Do you like barbecue?  Yes.
22Do you like films?  Love them. 
23: What day of the week do you prefer?  Saturday. 
24: Sunday is a great day for …  Being lazy.
25: A song that sticks in your head?  Just one?
26The best time of dayMid-morning.  Snoozy time.
27: Beach or field? A little of each.
28: The name of the professor / teacher who was your favorite? Dollie, Wiz, and Jimbo.
29: Something that makes you sad Having no children.
30: Something that makes you happy?  Flowers and birdsong.
31: What is the last movie you saw in theaters? I can't remember...probably MIB3.
32: A book I‘ve read and reread several timesLord of the Rings
33: Favourite ActorGary Oldman.

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