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Working on "Maytime" in wools…with a little help from my garden.

Yes, I picked (and ate!) that strawberry this morning.

Maytime - 29 November 2012

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Also this month,[ profile] stormsongk and I travelled to the mountains of Western Maryland.
On our way west, we stopped the the road cut at Sideling Hill.  It's an 810 foot tall cut through a syncline, exposing all the layers of folded rock.
Just gorgeous.

Sideling Hill

We also took a train ride between Cumberland and Frostburg, Maryland. 
An hour each way, we got to see quite a bit of the autumn leaves that Stormy had been so looking forward to.


view from Frostburg MD

A few days later, we headed to Dan's Mountain and got to hike for a little while.

Dan's Mountain road

I also started a new cross stitch pattern while we were on the road. 
I finished it a few days ago.

Celtic Heart

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This week, I finally completed the Medieval Unicorn needlepoint that I've been working on (haphazardly) since February.
Designed for wools, my version was stitched in cottons on 18-count aida.
As I got closer to finishing this piece, I even packed him up and took him to work so I could stitch on my lunch hour.

medieval unicorn

The day after "the beastie" was done, I started it all over again with another project by the same designer...this time in wools.

Maytime begins
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Life was quiet this weekend.
We got some snow on Monday morning, so I stayed in bed, working on my needlepoint.  The sunlight helped tell the difference between two colours of cream on the pattern.
Hobbes insisted that he was being neglected.

 But, Mama, pay attention to meeee!

Both cats were surprised to see the snow outside.

Spring is around the corner, however.
The first hellebore has finally started to bloom.

first bloom of 2012
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We had a very quiet, uneventful weekend. 
The weather was cold and we got a little snow (which melted by the end of the day).  I think Mother Nature delivers these little dustings to remind us that there is beauty even in the dead of winter.

snow on agave

I holed up in my room and worked on my needlepoint (while under the blankets!).  Hobbes joined me quite a bit of the time; two chilled creatures sharing the warmth and watching the wind outside.

Hobbes and me

By Sunday evening, I had finished the background of the piece, after four weeks of stitching.
I'm a bit in love with this design. 
Stormy and I have been giggling like 8-year-olds for the past few days.  I've been stitching the background from right to left ('cause my brain is wired strangely) and when telling him where I was in stitching the design, I'd say "Unicorn bum!" in a silly Potter Puppet Pals voice.  It's helped me keep my sense of humour when the intricacy of the pattern was getting to me.
accomplished and smug

detail of the background

Last night, I filled in the last four flowers and completed the thin blue border around the piece.  It's looking much more "finished", even in this state of completion.  Next stop: spotted unicorn!
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I've been working steadily of the Needlepoint Pattern of Doom (a.k.a. Candace Bahouth's Medieval Unicorn).  Several hours a night. 
Once I got my head around the design, it's been easy.

At the moment, I'm filling in the ground-colour and find I'm rather in love with the white tracery where the leaves and branches will go.
I will be quite sad when I have to fill them in with colour.

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Yesterday, I had a wonderful day with [ profile] enemyfrigate.
She took me to an evil yarn shop where we looked at patterns, charts, and colours and dreamt of the things we could make...socks, jumpers, wraps, afghans... 
We only need to learn how to knit...

 KNIT ALL THE THINGS! the coolest socks are made of this

We devoured perfect fish & chips.

perfection on a plate

We poked our noses into all sorts of shops, complained about the cold wind and lack of access to the beach, and had a relaxing time just chatting about timetable or place to be.

Also, this weekend, I began a needlepoint pattern.
The pattern was originally created as a pillow-cover, 10 stitches to the inch, stitched in wools.  I don't have access to similar supplies, so I'm attempting to stitch the design in cotton floss on 18-count canvas.
Within hours, I was conviced that I was losing my mind for even attempting this...

the borders of insanity
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Happy holidays, all.
I finally finished the major stitching on my Yule wreath pattern Friday night.
All that's left is a load of backstitching to outline the leaves and berries.
Yule wreath
I'll be heading to my in-laws' house in a little while to pass out gifts to our nieces.  Then probably relax for the rest of the afternoon.
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This weekend was the Yule feast with our chosen family.
A bunch of us and a load of food crammed into my sister's tiny 1-bedroom apartment.
Crowded and sometimes loud, but fun.

During the weekend, I started a new cross stitch pattern (yay Etsy!) - a wreath of holly, ivy, and mistletoe.  On Sunday morning, I had some trouble sleeping, so I got up and started stitching.
Hobbes curled up next to me and purred for three hours.

quiet time with Mama

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