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Also this month,[ profile] stormsongk and I travelled to the mountains of Western Maryland.
On our way west, we stopped the the road cut at Sideling Hill.  It's an 810 foot tall cut through a syncline, exposing all the layers of folded rock.
Just gorgeous.

Sideling Hill

We also took a train ride between Cumberland and Frostburg, Maryland. 
An hour each way, we got to see quite a bit of the autumn leaves that Stormy had been so looking forward to.


view from Frostburg MD

A few days later, we headed to Dan's Mountain and got to hike for a little while.

Dan's Mountain road

I also started a new cross stitch pattern while we were on the road. 
I finished it a few days ago.

Celtic Heart

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It looks like the Costume Bomb has gone off inside my car.
I've got masks and wings and all sorts of fabrics everywhere.
And that's just [ profile] stormsongk's stuff...big grin

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Just as most of the flowers in my garden have stopped blooming, the local salt marshes have suddenly burst into a riot of colour and I'm in love.
blooming marsh

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My sweetie went to visit his mum for Mother's Day, so I went on a woodsy ramble with a friend of mine.
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So [ profile] stormsongk and I went for another ramble this afternoon.  We started at the garden center...looked at many trees and shrubs for the yard...all of them too large to fit into my car.  (Note to self: Must rent a truck some spring day and bring a small forest home to the Down.)  A handful of plants followed me home: white crinums, pink-and-yellow lantana, and million bells in soft colours.

And then we kept heading south, following sidetracks into the wild places.  As we travelled through rainstorms, we passed an old tree we'd seen on our previous travels.  Stormy stopped the car and asked me to take a picture because he wanted a new desktop photo for the computer.

We looked for a place called Underhill Point that we'd seen on an earlier drive, but kept taking the wrong turnings.  As we headed round a turn, we managed to avoid running over a turtle in the road.  Stormy again stopped the car and hopped out in the pouring rain to rescue the poor thing.  As he showed it to me, it started to relax a little and poked its head out.

When we finally got home, I found this at my feet by the driveway.

It's been a good day.  :)

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Went out on my lunch break for a speed round with my little camera.  60+ photos in 30 minutes out in the rain on the street near my office.  Thank goodness all of the flowers in the planters are blooming.

Note to random passers-by:  Do not ask a person in an extremely tattered coat if she has change for the car park.  If she's out in the rain with a tattered coat and a camera, she's probably a STARVING ARTIST and should not be bothered while she's trying to work.   (Polite persons who stop and crane their heads, trying to see what I see through my lens, are actually quite sweet and amusing.)

Dance in the rain... )

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On the way home from Saturday morning errands, I spotted some narcissus blooming near an old homesite. 

botanical geekery )


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Last weekend, we went with our siblings to the beach for delicious fish 'n' chips in good company.
The waters were wild and the winds wiley.

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