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On Monday, I voluntarily evacuated myself and our cats ahead of Hurricane Sandy.
Hobbes woke me up at 10:30am, looking incredibly worried.  As he is usually Mr Cool, this rattled me.  I looked outside and saw the water was making its way steadily up the yard.  I estimated it was within hours of covering the driveway and cutting off my only escape route. 

As I left around noon, I noticed that the water on my street was almost up to the edges of the road.
I later learned that high tide was at 3:30pm.

We stayed at W's for three days (bless her!) and got to hang out in relative safety.  Maggie and Hobbes weren't too pleased at having to share quarters with W's elderly cat, but no fights broke out.

Maggie ended up claiming one chair as "hers".


Hobbes, tired of my late-night internet surfing, fell asleep next to my keyboard every night.

sleepy Hobbie

We finally got to go home last night and it’s a bizarre feeling – the landscape is subtly different.  All the colours are muted, dusty.  The whole yard smells faintly of saltwater.  There’s debris everywhere – downed trees, branches…things have floated in from everywhere.  Bits of cornstalks all over the yard.  I can tell the direction the water flowed through the grass near the steps when the tide receded.  It looks like the yard got about a foot of water.  A few larger things floated away, but odd little things stayed...

And our semi-feral outdoor cat is okay. 
She showed up at 2am yesterday, hungry, but otherwise well.  :)

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This was a bit close!

Next time, please send the hurricane out to sea.


Hurricane Sandy, October 2012

[ profile] stormsongk tells me it looks like the flood waters didn't quite make it up to our house, but we still can't go home yet because the driveway is flooded over.  A few days of sun should let us all finally go home.
Until then, the cats and I are safe at W's house.
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Recently, I've been reading about Bryndzové Halušky, a Slovakian national dish.  I figured that any recipe consisting entirely of potatoes, cheese, and bacon could not possibly be a bad thing. 
It's quite salty, but absolutely delicious.

Bryndzové Halušky lurked by Hobbes

Hobbes was very curious about it, but stopped short of taking a bite.
He looked at me as if to say, "Mama, you know I'm not supposed to eat bacon..." 

I've been in such a cheesy mood lately.
One day, all I could think about was crackers with Brie spread.  YUM!

crackers and Brie

Things have been going along quietly at home. 
Our cats are as naughty as ever.
Three-year-old Maggie sleeps a lot during the day but charms us with her chirps and trills.  21-month-old Hobbes is still a live wire.  He leaps off furniture and stalks food with a passion.  But his early-morning snuggle sessions are delightful.  Both cats enjoy sunrises and watching the birds every morning.


They've also discovered the tree frogs that frequent out sitting room window.  The frogs (and hummingbird) often look in the windows to see what we're doing.

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Every summer, American Green Tree Frogs hunt around our sitting room windows.  They're very used to people and will even peek in the windows to see what we're up to.  This one was waiting patiently on the shady hydrangea leaves during the hottest part of the day.

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Party on. )
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Let's go crazy... )
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...breakfast on Sunday morning: gluten-free bacon and cheese sandwich and cheesy hashbrowns.

yummy brekkie!

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Onward! )
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My little kitten is growing up!
In the past two weeks, he's gone from looking like a tiny adorable furball to looking like a miniature cat.

a little cat

He has also developed formidable talents with his teeth and claws and I feel like a pincushion!  This weekend, I will be learning to trim his pointy needles of death claws without being bitten.

We're naming him Hobbes in honour of a certain tiger.  :)
lurking Hobbes
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Care for a saucer of milk with that? )
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I survived the weekend from Hell.

We had hoped to have a relaxing Saturday of shopping and visiting with family out of town.

Murphy's Law had other plans.

We woke on Saturday morning to a freezing cold house.  No heat from the main unit and the pellet stove wouldn't work either.  50 degrees and falling.

Fortunately, the fix for the main heater was simple: set up a small space heater to thaw out the frozen drain pipe.  We still don't know what's wrong with the pellet stove.  Our dearest
[info]enemyfrigate stayed with us all day, kept us company, and made a lovely beef stew for supper.  (Thanks, sis!  I never knew that eating stew could help cure migraines!

On Monday,
[info]stormsongk woke me up at half past midnight to tell me the toilet wasn't flushing properly.  He was running late for work because he'd been trying to fix it.  He called about 10 minutes after leaving to tell me he'd been in an accident.  His car had slipped on the black ice and he'd driven down an embankment in the dark.  He finally got the car turned around and was able to drive back up onto the roadway.  He got as far as the next town when he discovered he had a flat tyre, so he called again asking me to pick him up and drive him to work.  So out I went at 2am to retrieve my wayward sweetie.  I headed home, got about 4 hours of sleep, and then drove out to pick him up again.  I took the same road he'd slid on.  The accident was on a hairpin turn edged with trees.  He'd managed to drive BETWEEN the trees, only clipping one on the way down,  If he'd slid sideways on the ice, he'd have broadsided the trees and likely rolled his car.  And if he'd been going any faster, he might have ended up in the marsh.  

He's very lucky to be alive. ♥

As if that weren't enough, the toilets started overflowing when we washed the laundry on Monday.  o.O  The sink drains and bathtub also made bubbly noises.  So tomorrow we will be getting the septic tank pumped and the pipes looked at. 

Oh, the joys of home-ownership.

Hopefully, this will fix the problem.  

I'm ready for a good day now, please.

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