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Every summer, American Green Tree Frogs hunt around our sitting room windows.  They're very used to people and will even peek in the windows to see what we're up to.  This one was waiting patiently on the shady hydrangea leaves during the hottest part of the day.

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We have very cheeky bugs here at Loam's Down,  ;D

hide and seek
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red! red! red! red! red!

My little cacti are blooming like crazy this spring.
I love this intense the camera can't capture its full glory.

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Finally got to the end of this meme!
It's only taken me 5+ months to post 30 items... 

This is the flower on one of my most recently bought cacti.
I've been growing them off-and-on since I was in my teens, but I've never had a bicolour flower (or a deep red one) until now. 

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Life was quiet this weekend.
We got some snow on Monday morning, so I stayed in bed, working on my needlepoint.  The sunlight helped tell the difference between two colours of cream on the pattern.
Hobbes insisted that he was being neglected.

 But, Mama, pay attention to meeee!

Both cats were surprised to see the snow outside.

Spring is around the corner, however.
The first hellebore has finally started to bloom.

first bloom of 2012
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for dear [ profile] earthspirits, whose own foxglove photo cheered me immensely a few days ago.

This was taken at a garden in northern Virginia last weekend.
foxgloves and roses, oh MY! 
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No, it's not Christmas... )
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I think my Rush Gallica rose is turning out to be my favourite rose ever.  This year it opened bright fuchsia-pink, but after a cool week or so, all of the petals started showing those lovely blue and purple shades I love so much.
Rush Gallica

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snooze )
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Despite all the rain, my garden is coming along very well.
Look before you leaf. )

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