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It's come to my attention that since [ profile] stormsongk and I have adopted our cats, life has begun to imitate art.  About 20 years ago, I bought an art tile that looks a great deal like three-month-old Hobbes.

ginger cat by Mimi Vang Olsen

And the reason I bought it is that it looked like my best concept of what I wanted "home" to be.

Hobbes at home
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Despite all the rain, my garden is coming along very well.
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My sweetie went to visit his mum for Mother's Day, so I went on a woodsy ramble with a friend of mine.
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Rambles and reptiles... )ancient
So [ profile] stormsongk and I went for another ramble this afternoon.  We started at the garden center...looked at many trees and shrubs for the yard...all of them too large to fit into my car.  (Note to self: Must rent a truck some spring day and bring a small forest home to the Down.)  A handful of plants followed me home: white crinums, pink-and-yellow lantana, and million bells in soft colours.

And then we kept heading south, following sidetracks into the wild places.  As we travelled through rainstorms, we passed an old tree we'd seen on our previous travels.  Stormy stopped the car and asked me to take a picture because he wanted a new desktop photo for the computer.

We looked for a place called Underhill Point that we'd seen on an earlier drive, but kept taking the wrong turnings.  As we headed round a turn, we managed to avoid running over a turtle in the road.  Stormy again stopped the car and hopped out in the pouring rain to rescue the poor thing.  As he showed it to me, it started to relax a little and poked its head out.

When we finally got home, I found this at my feet by the driveway.

It's been a good day.  :)

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I painted and sketched today for the first time in nearly a decade.

It felt good.

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