Feb. 13th, 2012

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We had a very quiet, uneventful weekend. 
The weather was cold and we got a little snow (which melted by the end of the day).  I think Mother Nature delivers these little dustings to remind us that there is beauty even in the dead of winter.

snow on agave

I holed up in my room and worked on my needlepoint (while under the blankets!).  Hobbes joined me quite a bit of the time; two chilled creatures sharing the warmth and watching the wind outside.

Hobbes and me

By Sunday evening, I had finished the background of the piece, after four weeks of stitching.
I'm a bit in love with this design. 
Stormy and I have been giggling like 8-year-olds for the past few days.  I've been stitching the background from right to left ('cause my brain is wired strangely) and when telling him where I was in stitching the design, I'd say "Unicorn bum!" in a silly Potter Puppet Pals voice.  It's helped me keep my sense of humour when the intricacy of the pattern was getting to me.
accomplished and smug

detail of the background

Last night, I filled in the last four flowers and completed the thin blue border around the piece.  It's looking much more "finished", even in this state of completion.  Next stop: spotted unicorn!
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This weekend, I was feeling unusually good about myself, so I asked [livejournal.com profile] stormsongk to take a photo.

me, 11 Feb 2012

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